Lam from Fountain Valley 

I have been having severe and recurring psoriasis for more than 20 years. I am so glad to find Dr Zhang. He gave me treatments comined of herbal capsules and topical solution.  After only three weeks or so, my foot, ankle, calf & thigh have either completely cleared or spots have almost all gone now with no more scaly skin!

I feel so much more confident in myself now. 

Glen from Huntington Beach

I went for acupuncture treatment to help with the numbness of my hands. Sometimes, I couldn't even feel my fingers.  Simple things such as eating with utensils is becoming difficult. I was told that surgery was my only choice. But I am really glad my friend recommended Dr Zhang to me. I felt the differences after just a couple of visits. After one treatment cycle, 80% of the numbness is gone. I am recommending Dr Zhang to everybody.

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Frank from Huntington Beach

the doctor treated my sinus allergies, tuned up my adrenal glands, helped me release stress and old emotions, and treated muscle pains as well. I recommend this office to everyone.

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Angela from City of Orange

I had high blood pressure. When my primary physician gave me prescription and told me that I had to be taking the medicine for the rest of my life, I was very concerned about the side effects on my liver and kidney. A family friend recommened Doc Zhang.  When I visited him, he explained patiently on different causes for high blood pressure and which ones can be treated. I was able to gradually cut back on the reliance of prescription medicine.  After 6 monthes, I was able to get rid of prescription and still feel great. I monitor my blood pressure daily, it is now 78/120

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City of Orange 的阮先生

我是一名会计师,时常加班到晚上十来点,周末有的时候也要全部加班。坐的时间太久,动一动脖子,就吱吱嗒嗒的响。肠胃也不太好,药吃很多,一直不解决问题。 现在已经治疗了2个疗程,效果非常明显。脾胃明显感觉好了不少。 

Jim from Huntington Beach

Hello, My name is Jim. I was involved in a construction accident about 6 years ago and have neck and back pain since then. I want to say that my acupuncture treatments have significantly reduced my constant neck and back pain. I tried movement therapy and chiropractics. Nothing has reduced the pain more than acupuncture. I will recommend this place to my friends. 

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