Pain Management: the non-drug approach to your pain

Sports Medicine: Total body relaxation

Other symptoms can be effectively treated by acupuncture

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbology accounts for the majority of treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It utilizes natural resources such as herbs and animal products to treat symptoms & ailments.

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Licensed & experienced acupuncturist by State of California Acupuncture Board.

Does acupuncture work?

It is a safe, natural & drug free way to treat a variety of symptoms;

Symptoms includes pain, adverse reaction to radiotherapy and or chemotherapy, allergic rhinitis, leukopenia, stroke, Bell's palsy, facial spasm and Chloasma.

Study also show that it can help to increase the possibility of pregnancy in female infertility by more than 30%.

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How much does it cost?

Treatment session starts at $39.99 (Self-Pay patients ONLY). Most patients felt the improvements and differences after only 1 or 2 sessions.

The licensed practitioner may recommend complementing herbal capsules made specially for each person's individual health situation for better results in some situations.

Acupuncture is safe and tested through time.

cupuncture originated in China more than 2,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest and most commonly used medical procedures in the world. It is safe and proven effective for a variety of symptoms and conditions.

Our practitioner is licensed by the State of California Acupuncture Board. And he has more than 30 years of experiences in treating patients in both China and also US.

A typical session involves 5-15 needles and a treatmentlasts from 20-60 minutes. Most patient do not feel any pain for the acupuncture treatment.

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High Cholesterol

Patient Case 1:
When patient started treatment in the last week of 2009, the Triglycerides are so high, that a valid cholesterol can NOT even be calculated.

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We approach your symptoms differently from other health practitioners, based on years of experiences. Countless patients have cleared their skin and suppressed or slowed symptom recurrences.

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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can lead to strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, or kidney disease. According to research, treatment for hypertension has been associated

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About Us

Chengyuan Zhang LAc

  • Licensed Acupuncturist by State of California Acupuncture Board
  • More than 30 Years of experience
  • Worked for top tier & renowned hospital before coming to the States
  • Published 40+ articles in professional journals and 6 books
    More information of published works
  • 2 health/Medical patents
  • Conducted research in various diseases
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Advantages of Herbal Medicine

  • Organic with little or no side effects
  • An option for terminal or better choice for certain chronic conditions
  • Made into capsules and covenient to take
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Lam from Fountain Valley

I have been having severe and recurring psoriasis for more than 20 years. I am so glad to find Dr Zhang. He gave me treatments comined of herbal capsules and topical solution. After only three weeks or so, my foot, ankle, calf & thigh have either completely cleared or spots have almost all gone now with no more scaly skin!
I feel so much more confident in myself now.

Glen from Huntington Beach

I went for acupuncture treatment to help with the numbness of my hands. Sometimes, I couldn't even feel my fingers. Simple things such as eating with utensils is becoming difficult. I was told that surgery was my only choice. But I am really glad my friend recommended Dr Zhang to me. I felt the differences after just a couple of visits. After one treatment cycle, 80% of the numbness is gone. I am recommending Dr Zhang to everybody.

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