Chinese herbology accounts for the majority of treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It utilizes natural resources such as herbs and animal products to treat symptoms & ailments.

It has been documented, studied, and improved from thousands of years of practices. Chinese herbal medicine is said to start from a mythical figure named Shénnóng (lit. "Divine Farmer") around 2800 BC. The eariliest literature discovered can be dated back to 168 BC.  In Han dynasty (196 and 220 CE), Zhang Zhongjing marked his place in Chinese Medicine history by his book "Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders and MIscellaneous Illnesses". His formulary was the earliest Chnese medical text to group symptoms into clinically useful "patterns" that could serve as targets for therapy. The arguably most important work, the "Compendium of Materia Medica" was compiled by Li Shizhen during Ming dynasty after his lifetime research and devotion.

High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure
  • Natural alternative for healthy blood pressure
  • Clinical strength, no known negative side effects
  • Proprietary formula, safe and effective
  • Produced from herbs traditionally used for healthy blood-
    -pressure and heart benefits
  • Proprietary formula, convenient pick up at our location
Max-V Male Performance
  • Horny Goat Weed "on steroids"
  • Proprietary ingredient mix to produce intense pleasure
  • Scientifically formulated to support longer and bigger erection
  • Natural testosterone booster and increase sexual stamina
  • Not a one-time stimulant, support sexual health at lower dosage
  • All natural herbal extracts
30 Day Weight Loss
30 Day Weight Loss
  • 30 Day Weight Loss Formula
  • The fastest way to lose weight
  • Scientifically formulated to stop hunger without fatigue
  • Significantly reduce BMI
  • Burns fat more effectively
  • All natural herbal capsules
  • Safe and effective, without any chemicals
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Healthy Prostate
Prostate Formula
  • Potent and effective herbal formula
  • Restore prostate health without a list of side effects
  • Support prostate and urinary health
  • Take control of your life without sudden urges and nightly urges
  • Better urinary flow
  • Reverse prostate aging with lower dosage
Psoriasis Clear-Skin
Advanced Cholestrol
  • Skin lesions?
  • Red bumps?
  • Intense scaling?
  • All natural herbal formula
  • Help you to restore the health of the skin
  • Woman who are trying to get pregnant or who is pregnant should not take this product
  • Woman who is breath feeding should not take this product either
Balanced Mood Support
Balanced Mood Support
  • Promote calmness & relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety feeling & agitation
  • Promote a peaceful feeling
  • All natural herbal formula
  • No chemicals used in ingredients or production
  • Helps to calm down and a peaceful feeling
Defy Hearing Loss
Defy Hearing Loss
  • All natural herbal supplement
  • Helps you defy the aging process on hearing loss
  • Helps to increase acoustic acuity and remove any buzzing feeling
  • Promote acoustic acuity
  • Slow down aging on hearing ability
  • Promote neuro health
  • Remove ear buzzing feeling

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