Is Chinese Medicine superior than modern medicine treatments?


  • Chinese Medicine is considered to be alternative medicine in the United States, it does not fall within the realm of what is considered to be conventional medicine.

  • The conventional pharmaceutical drugs in the States is quicker to show effects than Chinese medicine. However, it normally comes with a full list of fine printed side effects, some among which can be severe. Chinese medicine is much mild in comparison and may require longer time to reach the same results, but with little or sometime no side effects.

  • While pharmaceutical and technological approaches to medicine rely on isolated testing scenarios, which often fail to translate into the same amount of successes outside of the lab, in healing of real people suffering from complex and multi-faceted conditions. Chinese herbal formulas are based on standard, classical prescriptions that have been tried and tested through millenniums of clinical use, and are modified to fit the individual needs of the patient. 

  • It continues to complement conventional medicine on areas which conventional medicine is researching without an definite treatment for. It is also great for patients whose symptoms are eith economically prohibitive or not-profitable-enough for the governing board modern pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • Certian patients are informed by their primary physician on the prospect of having to remain on the prescribed medicine for long term or even life time, especially certain chronic conditions. With the help of herbal medicine, patients with certain symptoms may begin reducing the amount of prescribed medicine and or become completely off the prescribed drug and symptom free


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